paul stanley


Paul Stanley’s music-related success extends well beyond KISS, as he has not only released a pair of a solo albums, written and produced for other artists, but also starred in the Toronto production of Phantom Of The Opera and is about to showcase his painting with four gallery shows, his first of which will be at the Wentworth Gallery Short Hills in New Jersey on April 28th.

KISS’ Monster is the second release by the current lineup featuring Tommy Thayer (guitar) and Eric Singer (drums). Advancing on the musical path that 2009’s Sonic Boom took, Monster is an album to be judged by 2012 standards and as such is a great rock record! Whether songs like the debut single “Hell Or Hallelujah” finds its place in the heart and minds of longtime KISS fans is anyone’s guess. Are the songs on the same level as 1970’s KISS? Probably not, but it shouldn’t matter!