True North (Century Media) is a far different beast to its predecessor, Winter Thrice; a fresh recollection of Borknagar’s early days, coming across as a rawer, simpler and more authentic reinterpretation of nature-themed Norse blackened folk metal that nevertheless stays true to the band’s signature sound.

The Ukrainian band Paganland recently released their debut album Wind of Freedom via Svarga Music. The band is a group of persons holding the same views, who respect and love their native land, their language and are convinced that the Ukraine has an improbably interesting history that has unfortunately been forgotten and distorted for the last 10 centuries.

Isoteos, the new release from Greek black metal band Kawir, is a gem of an album that hardly got any press from any of the bigger publications last year. The disc, which was released in October of 2012, is a fine example of the right way to do black metal and deserves more coverage!