In yet another display of treasure-hunting prowess, Shadow Kingdom Records has set September 11, 2012 as the date for worldwide release of The Time Lord EP from 70s cult NWOBHM act Pagan Alter. Consisting of remastered material from as far back as 1978, The Time Lord is an SKR must-buy release. The EP and other Pagan Alter releases can be ordered from the Shadow Kingdom store until that date by visiting this location.

Does the world need another Iron Maiden live video or album? Hell yes!!! Especially if it possesses the lavish visual quality of their latest offering En Vivo!. Filmed at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago de Chile during their 2011 world tour in support of the The Final Frontier album, this concert offers everything Maiden fans would die for. The well-balanced set list mixes classics like “The Trooper”, “Hollowed be Thy Name” and “The Wicker Man” with some the band’s recent material, including “The Talisman”, “When The Wild Wind Blows” and “El Dorado”.

From what I gather Oz are a Finnish band that did some albums in the 80s, broke up and recently reformed. I personally had never heard of these guys before, and by the name alone I was expecting some sort of power metal band singing about the yellow brick road or maybe Dorothy and her dog Toto. Basically I was prepared for something cheesy and utterly horrible.