It has been a while since I heard from Nonpoint and, as a fan from back in the day, I was anxious to dig into The Return and see if the guys still had “it” in them; I am happy to report, they do! For those not familiar with the group, they were popular around the same time that some of their contemporaries (Drowning Pool, Sevendust) were making names for themselves, helping to carve out what some like to refer to as the Nu-metal scene.

Nonpoint are set to release their eighth studio album, The Return, on September 26/29 via Metal Blade Records (excluding North America). After 17 years in the game, the Florida quintet sustains the same energy that sparked its foundation back in 1997. The riffs crack with intensity, the bass and drums forge an unmatched groove, and the vocals rapidly recount stories of pain and perseverance. The Return remains as raw, ripping, and real as these musicians get. “Breaking Skin” can be streamed above.