I’ve never really appreciated concept albums, but if you stole a car – like, bare hands through the windshield and hotwired with your teeth, stole a car – won a drag race in said vehicle and then later overdosed in an attempt to get to sleep; this is definitely what it would sound like. I’m sure that’s what Toronto’s Greys were going for.

The self-titled debut album from Melbourne-based audio assassins Cocks Arquette is set for North American release on September 7th. With OSCL Records responsible for the CD and digital releases and FTU Industries handling the limited vinyl edition, Cocks Arquette rakes over thirty-eight minutes of auditory thunder upon the listener. Massive, repetitive, whacked-out riffs coalesces into mega-amplified dirge-ridden noise rock buildups, the entire release recorded live with no overdubs. Stream the entire album below.

This Brooklyn, NY rock band is comprised of three people all devoted to making beautiful noise. Dave Curran (guitar, vocals), Andrew Schneider (bass, vocals) and Jim Paradise (drums) united under the simple moniker of Pigs in order to bring their dirty, swine-infused rock to the masses. Said Dave Curran of the band name: “We figured it was short enough that press and promoters couldn’t fuck it up.”

If noise rock and post-hardcore are your cup of tea than you’ll certainly dig Ottawa, Canada newcomers, Black Oak Decline. Their debut, self-titled EP is filled with odd time signatures, dissonant guitars and lots of screaming that should satisfy fans of heavy music that is out of the box. It is noisy, but it also has an experimental/indie sort of feel to it as well. I think this is an impressive debut and I look forward to hearing more from Black Oak Decline in the near future.

Danceology, the new album from Portland, Oregon garage rock band Cafeteria Dance Fever, is a whopping 24-track effort that is due for release on May 29th. By artfully melding musical genres they’ve crafted their own style which is simultaneously modern and reminiscent of certain 1960/70s underground rock. Cafeteria Dance Fever’s “retro garage and post modern noise pop” is simply infectious, so we’re confident you’ll like this free taste off the groups’ new album. Download the song “Swimming Pool” today.

“Let’s break down some walls and go crazy” is what Norris must have been thinking when they wrote and recorded their new album The Great White North. At first glance, the cover art displays a calm image of, well… Canada. With this picture one may be convinced the music is calm and mellow… it’s anything but.

Born and bred in one of the rock ‘n’ roll capitals of the world, The Indecent is the next New York City band to keep your eye on. These 16-year-olds mix intelligent songwriting, thought-provoking lyrics, downtown NYC attitude, and raw rock ‘n’ roll angst into a fresh and unique post-millennium sound. Resurrecting the spirit, smarts, and soul of rock’s greatest underground eras, this quartet is a lethal combination of streetwise savvy, youthful expression, and maturity beyond their years.

In a alternative rock experimental direction between Oxbow, Unsane and 16 Horse Power with French texts, V13 has already played over 150 shows in France and throughout Europe since 2004. Their second and most recent album named Overlook Hotel was produced by Serge Morattel in REC Studio in Geneva, Switzerland (Knut, Shora, Evpatoria Report) and mastered by Nick Zampiello in New Alliance Esat Studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Unsane, Converge, Isis, Torche). On this album appears Chiara Locardi of the Franco-Italian band L’Enfance Rouge, as well as several other guests musicians on vibraphone, violin, piano, trumpet and classic percussion.