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Rhys Flannery, lead vocalist for the Australian powercore metal act, A Breach Of Silence, recently took a moment to answer some of our “Purely Provocative” questions. The band is busting their asses ahead of the October 7, 2014 release of their forthcoming album, The Darkest Road, and as such we wanted to help them promote it… by asking them ridiculous questions. Check out the stories and thoughts Flannery shared.

Guitarist Rana Freilich, of the New Zealand metal band Legacy Of Disorder, spoke with me recently about the band’s newest release Last Man Standing. The band have already shared the stage with GWAR and are getting ready to head out on the “Fate or Chaos Tour” alongside GWAR, Cancer Bats and DevilDriver. Here’s what Freilich had to say about all things Legacy Of Disorder!

New Zealand has always quietly harbored a breeding ground for unconventional yet outstanding metal acts: think Diocletian, Exiled From Light, and Barshasketh. The most talked about newcomer and latest export is Wellington doom metal outfit Beastwars, “a mongrel mix of Kyuss, Neurosis and the mighty Godflesh,” who have built a solid reputation with their aggressive live performances and ferocious sound. Before you read on, fire the free download of their song “Damn The Sky” and hear for yourself.

This is the fifth full-length album from the New Zealand funk/reggae band, The Black Seeds. I have actually never listened to these guys before and had no expectations when I popped it into my player. That said what I found was a very interesting, enjoyable disc with quite a bit of variety as well. Obviously there’s a reggae vibe to the whole disc, but tunes like, “Don’t Turn Around” and “Wide Open” are so funky they feel like they were stolen right from the ’70s. Songs like “Pippy Pip” and “Crack In Our Crown” on the other hand, are so pop-oriented they could easily be played on top 40 stations around the globe.

Christchurch, New Zealand four-piece pop/rock band Ashei share a passion for honest songwriting and a thumping live show all of which caters to rock fans looking for something fresh. With influences ranging from pop to jazz, Liam Muir, Emma Cameron, and Dan Perry each bring a unique musical approach to the group and their sound.