new album


The upcoming fourth full-length release from the notorious UK act The Meads Of Asphodel, entitled ‘The Murder of Jesus The Jew,’ is set for North American release via Candlelight Records on January 11, 2011, their first for the label. Continuing their notoriously bizarre integration of torrid black metal, infused with countless other styles, and the band’s unique style of theatrical storytelling, the madness runs rampant on the new album.

Drummer Marc Andree and vocalist Leif Jensen of the thrash metal band Dew-Scented spoke with me recently about their latest CD, Invocation. Dew-Scented lay down some serious thrash metal on this disc and fans of the genre would be remiss if they did not check this one out; it is a powerful, all out neck-snapping affair. Here is what the guys had to say about Invocation and the band in general.