If you’re a fan of MxPx then they really need no introduction at all. The band is celebrating its twentieth anniversary together this year and in that time have developed and maintained a massive following of highly dedicated punk rock fans. The last few years have been somewhat quiet for MxPx, since the release of their 2007 record Secret Weapon. Since then, the group dropped the six song EP titled Left Coast Punk EP in November of 2009 which was quickly followed with the Christmas album Punk Rawk Christmas that December. Aside from the documentary “Both Ends Burning” released late last year, not much else musically has happened in the MxPx camp, until now.

Legendary punk vocalist and bassist Mike Herrera (MxPx, Arthur, The Cooties) has been writing Country tunes since 1998. With the help of a few friends ( Jack Parker, Marshall Trotland, Harley Trotland), said passion for Country led him to start a side-project entitled Tumbledown. Under this moniker Herrera has already released 5 EPs and 2 full-lengths, his latest of which, Empty Bottle, dropped in 2010 via End Sounds.

When I was in high school I was an average listener of MxPx. That said, their side project Arthur, was another band I took a fancy to (it consists of Mike Herrera, Tom Wisniewski, Yuri Ruleu (who all came from MxPx) and Neil Hundt who drum tech’d for the trio). This group released their Loneliness Is Bliss EP back in 1999 and 11 years later released this, their first full-length, Watch The Years Crawl By.