Scott Ian is easily one of the most recognizable figures in the heavy metal world. Everyone is familiar with his work with the groundbreaking thrash act Anthrax, but they might not be aware that he also does public speaking engagements around the world. Swearing Words In Glasgow is a new DVD that captures one of the early performances of Ian, with no band or guitar, telling funny stories to a more than enthusiastic crowd. I recently had a chance to sit and chat with Ian about this venture. Here is how the conversation went.

A while back I had heard that Scott Ian was doing spoken word tours, and sadly, I was not able to make it to any of the dates. As a fan of Anthrax from the very beginning I was curious to see what Scott had to say, so when the opportunity came up to review this DVD, I was totally stoked. The setup is similar to a stand-up comedy show, but instead of telling jokes for 2 hours, Ian mixes things up with humor, real life stories, and towards the end, a no-holds-barred Q&A period.

Filmed on November 14, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan this concert extravaganza features some of the best players in the business performing together onstage for one magical night. With drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, The Winery Dogs) bassist Billy Sheehan (Talas, Mr. Big, David Lee Roth), guitarist Tony MacAlpine and keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Black Country Communion, Dream Theater, Billy Idol) all playing in unison, the amount of talent on the stage is just utterly ridiculous.

“As The Palaces Burn” was originally a movie meant to document the increasing popularity of the extreme metal genre that Lamb Of God has helped define. But the direction of the movie took a much different twist when the front man for the band, Randy Blythe, was arrested and charged with manslaughter of a fan in the Czech Republic. Viewers of the movie will find themselves in the middle of a high tension, nail biting court case that spans continents and rivals any courtroom drama you may have previously seen on the big screen.

Back From Hell is a documentary style film that provides a behind-the-scenes peak at one of the greatest comics of all time. Through interviews with friends, peers and those who drew their inspiration from the iconic comic, viewers gain insight into the stories behind the bits. Before his untimely death in a car accident nearly twenty years ago, Kinison had a way of entertaining and offending just about everyone he came across. His larger than life persona was not an act just for the camera; he truly led a hedonistic rock star lifestyle complete with drugs, booze women and debauchery of unimaginable proportions.