morbid angel


On July 29, 2014 the Summer Slaughter Tour came to the State Theatre located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Coincidentally, this year’s headliners were local boys, Morbid Angel. With 30 years on their resume, they’ve helped to create and redefine the foundations of death metal as we know it. That night, song after song, (including “Rapture,” “Where The Slime Lives” and “Existo Vulgoré”) they crushed the rest of the fest’s line up which included bands of the caliber of Dying Fetus and Origin, to name a few.

Underrated F*cking Albums is a series we’re running on, well, albums we think are fucking underrated. Sure, some of you might totally disagree with us, in fact, you might think we’re absolutely retarded for thinking these releases merit even a smidgen of your precious time. Well we don’t care. These are our opinions and we’re entitled to them, plus we’re big and bearded and are willing to fist fight to the death to honour the music we love… well, maybe 1 or 2 of us. The rest of us are kinda wimpy, so please be nice and don’t pound us. Either way, check this shit from: Limp Bizkit, Morbid Angel, and Viking Skull.