Molson Canadian


One of the many bands that had to play their set in the rain, but that didn’t stop the crowd from getting bigger and bigger as the set went on. An absolute treat to see as I have been waiting a few years to see these guys and they did not disappoint! They performed a lot of their more well-known songs from a few years back and it was obvious that the fans were stoked about this. The crowd sang along to the whole set! Amazing show.

THE band I was most stoked to see at Toronto’s Warped, and I was lucky to make it just in time from Ottawa as they played an early set. Architects killed it as usual with an insane performance. Fronted by vocalist Sam Carter, the boys really got the energy going and the crowd moving, jumping, singing, and even on their knees! I have seen them perform a few times in the past and they never ever disappoint! Absolutely unreal show.

One of the bands I was most excited to see and a band that everyone needs to keep an eye out for! From Guelph Ontario, Mandroid Echostar have an incredible sound that you just have to hear. These boys played an amazing set and I absolutely recommend you check them out if they perform in your city (as a sidenote, they did release an incredible EP this past Fall…).

We Came As Romans ended the 2013 Warped Tour festival with an insane performance, playing for a HUGE crowd, all of Warped Tour came out the see the band that would end the day! Their set included some past songs, some from their upcoming album (released July 23rd) and even a cover! It may have rained during their set but that sure didn’t stop people from having a good time!

I have to admit this was the performance I most anticipated throughout the day and I wish I could have gone in with the crowd! Blessthefall performed a KILLER SET performing a vast number of songs from their latest album on top of playing a song from their (at the time) upcoming album (‘You wear a crown but you’re no king’), which was also their first single. It may have been pouring during their set but Beau got the crowd moving, and it’s safe to say that Blessthefall made sure no one cared about the cold rain!

One of the most high-energy sets of the day – this is a band that I LOVE but that I had never had the chance to see live. They put on an insane show (I’d say that the photographs almost speak for themselves here!). I would absolutely love to see these guys play again, their set was unreal and full of energy from start to finish and you could tell that the crowd would say the same.