misery index


Baltimore, Maryland death metal miscreants, Misery Index, dropped their latest slab of beefy beats dubbed, The Killing Gods, on May 23rd via Season of Mist Records. Reviews have been pouring in and praise remains high for this quartet’s newest slew of tracks. Recently, we were able to email some questions to guitarist and vocalist, Mark Kloeppel, in order to get better visibility into what gear he considers to be key, and how it was used during the recording of The Killing Gods.

Acclaimed death metal extremists Misery Index have revealed the second new track from their forthcoming album The Killing Gods. The track, titled “The Calling” is streaming now via SoundCloud. Misery Index will see the release of The Killing Gods in May 27th in North America (May 23 worldwide). The album will be available as a CD, Limited Edition CD Digibox with a bonus track, and various LP formats right here.

I have to be honest and admit that I haven’t been to a proper death metal gig in absolutely forever and, listening to Baltimore slammers Misery Index drilling through their set on this live album makes me really miss it. I used to love coming out of stinky, grim venues smelling of sweat with my head feeling like someone was playing a blast-beat inside my skull and, you know what, as “Sleeping Giants” rattles this album into life, Misery Index have almost nailed that exact feeling.