As someone who does not partake in, nor condone the partaking of drugs in any way, shape or form, I expected to hate Bong’s Mana-Yood-Sushai. When I saw that the track listing was only two songs and still ran 19 to 28 fricking minutes long respectively, I thought I would be tearing my hair out by the time the album was over.

If you can picture in yourself on a beach, surrounded by clear blue skies, accompanied with a cocktail at your side and then seek the perfect soundtrack, look no further than “Take Me Somewhere” by Tennis. Alaina Moore’s calm, melodic voice takes you through a relaxing cruise of surf rock. Do not be surprised if the chirping guitar, tapping ride cymbal and light background organ transports you and your headphones to The Bahamas, and one thing is for sure; you will not want to leave.