One week prior to the U.S. release of Synthetica (MMI/Mom+Pop), Metric has shared a full embeddable stream of Synthetica via SoundCloud. Its unveiling comes on the heels of Synthetica Hide+Seek, an interactive scavenger hunt last week in which Metric fans collaborated to unlock an early stream of the album. Fans will have a second chance to see the band on June 21, when Metric makes its debut appearance on the outdoor stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live. Following that televised performance, Metric will spend the rest of the Summer touring the world making only one U.S. appearance – August 3 at Lollapalooza in Chicago – before its full scale American tour commences September 6 in upstate New York.

For the past week, Metric has been sharing clues with fans about “Youth Without Youth,” the band’s first single from the forthcoming album, Synthetica (MMI/Mom+Pop). We’ve seen mysterious video footage from the recording studio, heard Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw speak on the making of the song, and even saw fan interpretations of “Youth Without Youth” after the song’s lyrics and sheet music were unveiled and before the song’s release (relive the experience at THIS LINK).