melodic death metal


For 25 years now the Swedish band Arch Enemy has been cranking out molten metal and touring the world; they are currently finishing up a stretch in the United States before they head to Japan and eventually Greece. The band consistently releases solid records and their latest disc, Khaos Legions is no exception. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Angela Gossow to discuss the tour and the record with her. Here is what she had to say.

When you first hear the name Massive Slavery, what do you think of? I personally thought of a brutal death metal band; and that’s exactly what I got. Forming from the ashes of fallen Quebec bands: Decrepity, Descend Into Nothingness and Paroxysm, the group recorded their first MS album Global Enslavement in 2010. Sure they worked well in their former bands, but were they ready to work together as a new ensemble?

Episode Summary: ALLOY Hosts Matt and Ben went to Dallas, OR for a show that included bands from all over Oregon. In the case of Thorns of Creation, they drove in from Bend, OR. We had a sit down with the melodic death metal band just outside the venue in some nice, cool grass. It was summer at the time and there was no air in the venue. What we’re saying is it was hot as balls in that grange hall! Killer guys and thanks for driving like 4 hours to play the show.

Approximately 17 years ago Dark Tranquillity released their debut album Skydancer. To this day the band still has four of their original members, a huge accomplishment for any band. In addition to their loyalty the members have matured as musicians and with them brought We Are The Void. This, their latest effort, truly demonstrates how much they have evolved since their first release.

Hardcore metal is a genre that too many new bands decide to go for. It’s like it’s a train, and they all just decide to hitch a ride. They may not even care where it’s going, as long as they have fun doing it. Dead to Fall is a band that is hardcore metal, often termed metalcore, but they do things a bit differently and as a result garner a ton of respect amongst metalcore fans.