Veil Of Maya is known for being in their own category of unique, highly technical and gut-wrenchingly heavy metal. They took their talents on the road this Summer as part of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival where they’ve been blowing the minds of new and longstanding fans across the United States. Recently, on August 2nd, I was lucky enough to catch up with Veil Of Maya’s vocalist Brandon Butler and guitarist Marc Okubo at Mayhem Festival in Scranton, PA. After tearing it up on the Sumerian Stage, these progressive deathcore giants took the time to talk with me about what’s next for the band, swap some crazy stories and even share a secret or two.

I haven’t seen Emmure in nearly a decade, I was pumped to be able to see their set and shoot it. A huge crowd was waiting before their set even began, and the photo pit filled up fast. Emmure put on an amazing show; these dudes have amazing stage presence. I still don’t know how Frankie was able to wear that windbreaker and long-johns without passing out from the heat.