This world premiere is for the new song “Neil” from WTCHS’ forthcoming album, It’s Not A Cross, It’s A Curse!. For those not yet familiar with the Hamilton, Ontario-based quartet (and shame on you!), WTCHS is a downright radical rock band that is quickly amassing quite the cult following. With elements of post-punk, math, shoegaze, garage, etc. present on their latest EP, there’s almost something for everyone.

Topshelf Records has partnered with the UK’s Big Scary Monsters Records and Italy’s To Lose La Track Records to release Knots, the new LP from Derby, UK outfit Crash of Rhinos in the U.S. Knots will be out in late Summer. Have a listen to a new song, “Opener”, from the forthcoming release below via the SoundCloud player.

Century Media is happy to announce the signing of the Serbian-based band, Destiny Potato. Said the band of the signing: “Just a few months after we officially formed the band we got an opportunity to play our first show at Euroblast 2011 where we met some boys and gals from Century Media as they came to hear/see us play. Not long after the fest we got in touch with them and after months of negotiations we are finally here and really looking forward to an amazing collaboration with all the great people in and around this label.”