machine head


A short orchestral arrangement greets the listener with a deceivingly somber tone inviting them into the realm of Bloodstone & Diamonds. Seconds later, the newest Machine Head record comes galloping out of the gates with an unbridled fury and a vengeance, as Rob Flynn belts out the first lines of disc opener, “Now We Die.” From here the listener is thrust headfirst into the album’s lead single which chugs along at varying tempos, barreling over everything in its path, leaving behind a glorious wake of destruction that I feel is one of the best metal moments of the year.

Machine Head have made their entire Bloodstone & Diamonds album available for streaming online – listen below. The band’s Nuclear Blast debut will be released on November 07 (Europe) and November 10, 2014 (N. America/UK) on several physical and digital formats. Pre-order the CD, limited edition mediabook, box set, vinyl or the exclusive premium Machine Head guitar edition via this link.

Bay Area metal heavyweights Machine Head have released the brand new track “Night of Long Knives” online – listen below. The song comes from their upcoming Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut, Bloodstone & Diamonds, due out in North America on November 10th. Fans can now get an instant download of the same track when they pre-order the album on iTunes, along with the songs “Now We Die” and “Killers and Kings” as well.