“Team Spirit” is a new song from the alternative/indie rock band Lawnmower available here as a free download! The three-piece act formed in the small city of Fenton, Missouri about three years ago, the members of which grew up on a heavy dose of ’90s pop/punk and indie rock. They could certainly be considered somewhat of a throwback to the finer sounds of the ’90s, but there is also a modern charm at play with Lawnmower. There is some excellent song writing that will have you coming back for more!

A Michigan-based three piece by the name of Lawnmower bring their brand of lo-fi indie-punk to the table with their upcoming EP on Save Your Generation records. Channeling the likes of Superchunk and Weezer, and sounding like Canadian noise-pop duo Japandriods, Lawnmower put a little extra dash of pop-punk into “Team Spirit” and deliver a sharp, memorable track.