Till Death, La Familia is the newest release from the Latin-infused metal band, Ill Nino. On this, their 7th full-length, I feel the band return to more of their heavier roots; which is a good thing because I wasn’t a great big fan of their last effort, Epidemia. I love it when bands create grooves inspired by percussive world beats and mix it in with crunchy, distorted guitars. Personally, I don’t think many bands accomplish this nearly as well as Ill Nino.

The first thing I noticed when I listened to this disc is that it’s heavy; much heavier I think than Ill Nino’s previous releases. The band’s trademark Latin flair that was so prevalent in past records seems to take a back seat now to the punishing, in-your-face riffs and rhythms. I am not sure this is a good thing (for me) as I sort of dug the interesting mix of metal and Latin Rhythms and sounds; I think it’s what defined the band back in the beginning. I understand the need to progress and grow, but an Ill Nino record without a lot of those elements for me is at the very least a bit surprising.

Very few people have had such a prolific and storied career as Carlos Santana. For decades this guitar great has created music that crosses genres and entertains fans of all ages, and this Blu-ray disc is no different. The 23 songs included in this set are extremely entertaining and at times off the cuff. As you would expect many of his wildly popular, crowd-pleasing tunes (“Black Magic Woman” and “Oye Como Va” to name but a couple) are present and accounted for.