lamb of god


Chris Adler, drummer for the Grammy nominated American metal band Lamb Of God spoke with me recently while on a short break between tours. The band had just finished The Monsters Of Mayhem Tour and was preparing to head out on their first sojourn into South America before meeting up with Metallica for a string of dates in Australia and New Zealand. Besides an almost nonstop touring schedule, the band has found time to release six full length albums.

After about 5 hours of sleep I was back to Parc Jean-Drapeau for the second day of Heavy MTL. I quickly got myself to the front of the Mayhem Stage where Hail The Villain soon came on and rocked the crowd, opening with “Try Hating The World”. HTV were magnificent performing songs off their album Population: Declining. Bryan Crouch satisfied the crowd with his scary movements and talked about how they are the most badass group – Hail The Villain definitely won fans’ hearts.

Working Class Rock Star is an advisory DVD for musicians of the metal variety to see what they are up against in becoming a ‘rock star’. It features interviews with various people from prominent bands such as Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy, Strapping Young Lad and Bloodshoteye. There are nine informative sections to the DVD ranging from the financial/business aspect of a band, to ways to cope with hectic tour schedules and how balancing your time with a job, family and a band is not easy.

You would think that nervous feeling in your gut would go away after doing this job a few times. But when you start off a day rough, with plans spiraling downwards, are almost denied entry to get to the interview and getting into the show itself, and top it off are interviewing none other than Lamb of God… how can’t you be at least a little bit nervous? Everything always works out in the end though, and right on schedule I was in the tour bus with my question sheet in hand. And yet again, after about less than a minute of talking to bassist John Campbell, I realized I was in the clear. He’s just yet another chill dude who loves to make music. Once that realization sets in, an interview is nothing. So what did John and I talk about on that day once upon an Unholy Alliance?