lacuna coil


Although Lacuna Coil’s style has always been immediately catchy, its music has never been too pretty for guys. In other words, it’s never tried to be a pop metal band. It hasn’t turned into one on new album Dark Andrenaline, either – but it comes close. There’s nothing wrong with that, but perhaps the group hasn’t fully come to terms with that musical route or it doesn’t even realize it’s following that orbit, because Andrenaline feels self-consciousness for some unexplainable reason.

Italian goth rock/metal band Lacuna Coil recently released their fifth studio album, Shallow Life and have started to see success with “Spellbound,” the first single from the album. Shallow Life has proven thus far to be their most successful record in the States to date, reaching number 16 on the Billboard 200 chart. I recently had the chance to speak…