The mighty masters of the folk metal genre have once again returned from the depths of the forests of Finland with a worthy follow-up to their previous disc, Ukon Wacka. Korpiklaani come out of the box with a bang, launching into one of the heavier, catchier tunes on the disc, “Kunnia”. Fans of the band will immediately recognize their trademark sound and will be singing along in no time at all; it takes residence between your ears and refuses to leave, I was singing and humming this song all day long.

Late last year I had the opportunity to speak with Jarkko Aaltonen, bass player for the Finnish folk metal act Korpiklaani, about their latest disc, Ukon Wacka, and their then current North American tour. This was the second to last show for the band on this leg of the tour and even though they had a blast on this side of the pond they were all looking forward to heading home for the holidays. Here’s how the conversation went.

When I popped this disc into my player I found myself immediately drawn into the world of Korplikaani; and once there, I didn’t want to leave. The band’s newest release Ukon Wacka is an intriguing blend of Finish folk music and serious kick ass metal; the result of which is quite astonishing and unbelievably good.