K.Flay fans owe a lot to her friend that challenged her to write a hip-hop song. Who would have guessed that a night of talking shit would end up with her on Warped Tour, and releasing her first studio album, Life As A Dog? She didn’t. “It was so distant from anything I had been doing, it was a totally different experience and because of that it was very compelling and interesting to me.” For K.Flay, the lack of experience going into performing meant that she didn’t have to be guarded, she could define herself as an artist.

K.Flay took the Boat Port stage at Toronto’s Warped Tour this July 4th. She’s coming up big in a genre dominated by men. Her tunes will make you think with their pensive mood, but her beats will make you dance your troubles away. K.Flay was a great set to start of my festival, she got me moving and grooving as I ran from stage to stage during the rest of the festival.