jon howard


Throughout the lifespan of the band Threat Signal, members have came and gone leaving fans to wonder which talented musician might join the group for their next album. The only member which we can find on all three Threat Signal albums however, is vocalist Jon Howard. He brings to every release the powerful growls, screams and melodic voice that fans have come to love. I got the chance to ask Jon a few questions about the upcoming self-titled album, and I just might have even asked about his rad side project which starts with ‘A’. Read on to find out much more.

So on an unseasonably muggy Saturday on June 2nd, Toronto, Canada was host to the last stop of the radical Tour and Loathing tour. Just prior to the musical madness at the Opera House, we got the privilege of speaking with Threat Signal frontman Jon Howard in a small, grungy bar. PureGrainAudio’s Spencer Matulaitis spoke with Jon about all that is Threat Signal including; the band’s search for a guitarist, being Canadian, and most importantly… BEER!