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This is the second part to our “A Guide to (some of) the Best Metal Album Covers of 2012” posting last week. As we know, cover artwork was a big thing for Metal music in 2012. Many of them were epic, cryptic, nightmarish and more importantly, artfully executed. They helped to both enrich many listeners’ imaginations and to enhance the music itself; and this is why we’re covering them! In the second part to our guide, we keep exploring the stories behind some of these magnificent visual pieces. We’ve interviewed some of the designers and musicians involved with said art and they in turn opened for us new worlds of imagination an awe. Check it out!

Three years after the release of their last full-length, Ruination, Arizona’s Job For A Cowboy are returning to the world’s Death Metal arena with Demonocracy, a new 9-song lesson in violence that will provoke chronic neck pain and several visits to the doctor to those who can’t resist the urge to impulsively headbang during its 40 minutes length. Brutal? Yes. Menacing? You bet. Groundbreaking? Well, maybe not, but this gratuitous exploitation of blast beats, vicious riffing, melodic-oriented guitar solos, daring bass lines, powerful growls and raspy vocals is a muscular work that will surely please old fans of the band while also gaining them new acolytes.

Starting today, the popular metal portal MetalSucks is hosting the worldwide exclusive premiere of the upcoming Job For A Cowboy EP ‘Gloom’. The ‘Gloom’ EP will be available digitally and physically via mail-order only on June 7th. Fans wanting a physical copy of the ‘Gloom’ EP should act quickly, though, as it is a limited edition run of only 2,500 copies.

Job For A Cowboy have been dominating the deathmetal/core scene for the past few years, during which they’ve been on some of the biggest tours imaginable, playing in support of their album Ruination (which reached number 42 on The Billboard 200 chart). Also, they just recorded their newest EP Gloom on which drummer Jon “The Charn” Rice had to ensure he had the perfect gear to get that “right” sound. Read on to find out why the Yamaha Mike Bordin Signature Snare Drum is Jon’s go-to piece of gear.

You all know that this summer SOTU ’07 demolished the whole North American content! Well, we caught up with an equally devastating group in Job For A Cowboy and spoke with frontman Jonny Davy and guitarist Bobby Thompson just outside the Kool Haus on a grassy knoll. The guys answered questions about their latest music video, new album Genesis, and a whole lot more including tour plans for the rest of the year! Enjoy ya’ll!