Steeped in their love of jazz, metal, and classical music, the members of Switchblade Rosie have honed their sound into a package that combines influences from all these genres and pushes them one step further. Inspired by everything from John Coltrane to Meshuggah, Death, and even Bach, these forward-thinking gents believe in the idea that music should never be singularly genre-specific. Their unique take on progressive metal places a mélange of classical melodies and jazzy rhythms at the forefront of an aggressive and emotionally delivered assault.

I recently had the good fortune to to sit down with Alex Skolnick to discuss his jazz project, The Alex Skolnick Trio and their latest offering, Veritas. Most people are familiar with Alex’s guitar work with popular metal band Testament and would be surprised to know that for years now, he’s also been writing and playing traditional jazz with The Alex Skolnick Trio. Veritas is a terrific jazz record and is a world apart from metal, although it does contain a very cool rendition of, “Fade To Black.”