Italian death metal maniacs Eyeconoclast are excited to share their brand new music video for “Rise of The Orgamechanism,” which can be seen below. The song appears on their acclaimed 2013 Prosthetic debut ‘Drones of the Awakening,’ lauded as “a galvanizing onslaught of technical riffing and fully weaponized percussion” (No Clean Singing).

I’m not sure where to begin with this disc; The End is the latest release from Japanese black metal band Gallhammer. I’d heard quite a bit about this female-fronted metal outfit and was quite interested in checking them out. What I found left me utterly speechless. Buried beneath a wall of distortion, noise and incessant screaming are some pretty good grooves. The problem is that as good as those grooves are, it wasn’t worth enduring the auditory battering that I put myself through.