As is the case with Alchemy by Irish band Brains, it’s always a really cool thing when an album from a band you’ve never heard of manages to blindside you with its awesomeness! Now, judging by the name of the band, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Brains is some sort of generic death metal or deathcore band complete with slams and gutteral growls. Surprisingly however, Brains are nowhere even close to that and in fact may even be considered by fans of more modern metal to not even be heavy at all.

Blackened death metal from the Emerald Isles, that is the best way to describe Dead Aeon, a heavy-as-hell extreme band from Ireland. Insane double bass drumming, ultra-technical guitar work and blast beats galore are the perfect backdrop for vocalist Jack Penders’ unearthly guttural screams.

This record caught me completely off guard and nearly blew my socks off. The Island is an amazing, innovative blending of metal and dub step, and while I am by no means a fan of the dub step genre on its own, the way that Censura creatively combine it with some serious groove-driven metal is quite stunning. “Boom” hit me like a ton of bricks and honestly I spent the remainder of the nearly twenty minutes trying to recover.