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This week on March 15th, Kvelertak brought their Norwegian blackened punk metal, with all its head banging and hair swinging goodness, overseas with the North American release of their self-titled album. Kvelertak have been nationally acclaimed, winning the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammys, while “Mjød”, one of their singles, is pumped over BBC’s airwaves and getting much deserved love and recognition throughout Europe.

After four previous critically acclaimed cult albums, it’s become obvious to all, that Shining have created their own unique musical universe, which fans and journalists alike have competed in trying to name, as yet to no avail. Their 5th album is now complete and their unique universe finally has been given the name it deserves. Aptly titled, Blackjazz. Since their debut on a small Norwegian acoustic jazz label in 2001, Shining has moved on to become one of the most hard-hitting, genre-pushing bands of our generation.