Fusing classic hardcore with infectious melodies, Edmonton’s own Lucid Skies bring aggression and stage banter that invites the crowd to become a part of the performance. Lucid Skies toured Western Canada in support of their 2013 EP Hounds. This is a video diary with audio entries from their merchandise guy, Dylan Larkin, and images that chronicle the tour itself in a comprehensive 5 minute video. Check it out!

We are thrilled to be offering you the exclusive world premiere stream of Edmonton-based Lucid Skies’s brand new EP Hounds! The band is known for its masterful fusion of classic hardcore with infectious melodies and its notorious stage presence that invites the crowd to become a part of the performance. The quartet formed in 2009 and since that time they have already played with bands such as Fall City Fall, Blind Witness, Fall In Archaea, and Breaking Fourth Wall. In their music, Lucid Skies allude to some of the godfathers of metal, perhaps most notably Hatebreed where they take a lot of their inspiration lyrically, vocally and melodically. They also draw from many hardcore influences like Comeback Kid and Holly Springs Disaster. At this point after hearing this, you’re probably like “why haven’t I started this stream yet?”