Hey Sugar


Every music information source seems to have a “Bands/Artists to Watch List” aside from PureGrainAudio. So, for the first time ever, we have decided to give you our list – more specifically, my list – of “Bands to Watch In 2011”. These are bands, in no particular order, you should check out and keep in rotation on your music player of choice over the course of this coming year and into the future, as they will be picking up speed. There’s so much to say about each of these bands…

With some pinch harmonics, 70’s inspired riffing and an anachronistic fashion sense, Hey Sugar look to merge some unlikely genres; hardcore, classic rock, and southern Rock. “All That I Need” has the grandiose riffs of the latter two genres but it also has the vocal screams of modern punk. There are moments that sound like pure hardcore: screaming, heavy palm-muting, and mega-phone vocals; and then there are moments of southern twang and classic swagger.

Bridging the gap between rock’n’roll, hardcore and blues and strongly influenced by what rock’n’roll has been in the 60s and the 70s, Hey Sugar brings back the heart beat of this free minded dream once again. With their old-time liberating classic rock spirit and modern hardcore touch Hey Sugar reaches for a sound more powerful and defined than ever. “We started to write our first songs, as a band, on a road trip across North America two years ago” says Marc, “and we have been working hard on defining ourselves since then”.