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Kiillswitch Engage gave a killer performance during the second day of Heavy TO 2012! Earlier that day however, we knew not to ask too much of a guitarist who just woke up. A quick, laid back interview with the zany personality of guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz ensued and our interviewer Julie got him to discuss their new-old singer, DIY promotion tips, stealing or not stealing Jägermeister Machines and life on the road.

Heavy TO… the bands were all fantastic, but the crowd might have been, at times, equally as interesting. From plenty of hot rocker women to mud men making the best of the weather, these pictures reflect the event’s true soul. Dressing to represent and braving the nasty elements that mother nature dished out those two days, these fans were more than willing to share their love of the music in front of my camera. These pictures are stills taken from a forthcoming video titled “Welcome to Heavy TO”, coming here soon. If you missed this event, you missed a coming together of all sorts of people with one common goal… to rock hard and support great music. And that they did!

When you hear the word ‘metalcore’ one of the first bands that comes to mind should be As I Lay Dying. Hailing from San Diego, California, AILD are one of the metalcore monsters who helped to create the genre; and will surely be one of the last to survive. The band was asked to join the Heavy T.O and Heavy MTL festivals that transpired on July 23rd and 24th respectively. I had a chance to sit with Guitarist Phil Sgrosso and chat about recent activities and their upcoming 10 year anniversary.

On July 24th and 25th The Heavy Festival will take place at Downsview Park in Toronto, Ontario and Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, Quebec. With a line up consisting of some of the biggest names in the heavy metal world this is a festival that is sure to draw thousands over the 2 day stretch. What many don’t realize is how much work actually goes into the successful planning and execution of a festival of this magnitude. I had the opportunity to speak with Daniel Glick and Nick Farkas, from Evenko in Montreal.

Opeth are gearing up to release their new album Heritage on the 21st of September. Moreover the band is also getting ready to perform at both Canada’s Heavy MTL and T.O. festivals in July. Recently I got to fire off some questions to guitarist Fredrik Åkesson and gain a bit of insight into the new album, keyboardist situation and Fredrik’s new signature guitar.