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Philip Anselmo, known as heavy metal’s most notorious vocalist, is releasing several ringtones for fans to grace their cell phones with. Ten individual ringtones have been created using Philip’s voice, ranging from hilarious to seriously badass. Says Anselmo: “Grab one of my new ‘Craptastic’ ringtones and be the first one on your block to be full of it!”

Toronto thrash metal titans Fatality not only boast a new line-up, but are also currently wrapping up work on some damn good new material. In this exclusive world premiere of their newest music video for the song “Monstrous”, we’re pleased to present you with a preview of the metal madness to come. The audio and video were recorded, edited and mixed by Fatality themselves at their their jam space, lovingly dubbed: The Laboratory. Rock the fuck out!

It’s the middle of March and I’ve finally found the first album guaranteed to make my year end list of favorites. 3 Inches of Blood have really amped things up on this release and I couldn’t more stoked. I know a lot of people dismiss them because they have sort of an 80’s retro, flashback sound with that classic NWOBHM riffage and tons of screechy, screaming vocals, but this is precisely why I totally dig them. At times I can see where some might think it’s a bit campy or overdone, but not me. I honestly dig the heck out of this disc; it’s so catchy, it’s so energetic and most of all, it’s straight up fist-pumping, head-banging metal.

Lion Splicer is a New York duo whose new EP dubbed Valkyrie came out two days ago, on March 21st. Composed of 20 year old Max Splice (lead guitars, bass, and vocals) and 17 year old brother, Danny Splice (drums) the twosome are self-proclaimed: “ugly and hairy young brothers … thrashing and burning in the vein of their maverick heroes Zeppelin, Zappa, the Foos, X, the Waste, and the Dan.”

I came across these guys a few years ago when a copy of their release Catch For Us the Metal came across my desk. I was immediately intrigued by their unique blending of metalcore and southern rock and over the years have revisited that album on more than one occasion. When I received their latest disc, Vulture, I popped it in, kicked back and began listening, expecting more of the same. After the first few notes I had to stop and see if this was indeed the same band; I was literally blown away. This is so much heavier, aggressive and more cohesive than their previous work.

On Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 Megadeth rolled through Oshawa, Ontario performing at The GM Centre. They were headlining their fourth North American Gigantour with Motörhead, Volbeat and Lacuna Coil as openers. Our heavy metaller Chee Kam sat down with bassist Dave Ellefson to discuss their new album Th1rte3n, working with monkeys, religion and much more. Video interview filmed by Mike Gionet of Vids4Net.

Los Angeles, CA’s Echoes Of Eternity released their label debut, The Forgotten Goddess, in 2007 on Nuclear Blast Records. The album kicks off with an acoustic intro entitled “Burning With Life” which leads right into the first (“Expressions Of Flesh”), of 9 EOE anthems. each song features heavy metal instrumentals accompanied by the mellow female vocals of Canadian-born Francine Boucher. My only major negative about The Forgotten Goddess is the lack of energy throughout the recording. This point aside, the album overall is fairly good and provides some rocking tunes.

Hollywood, CA is home to a new troop of stars in heavy metal newcomers The Edge Of Paradise. Released digitally in September and physically on January 9, 2012, the band’s debut effort, Mask delivers a welcome dose of pulsating, industrial heavy metal. Birthed as recently as 2011 by guitarist Dave Bates and lead vocalist Margarita Monet, it didn’t take long for the two to find a special collaborative chemistry and begin compiling music for their powerful first album. Margarita explains, “Musically, Dave and I just clicked. During one of the sessions, Dave asked me if I would like to sing on some of his songs, and from that day forward, Edge Of Paradise was born”.

Gothenburg, Sweden-based noisemakers Hammerfall are one of the most prominent bands in the global power metal scene. Amassing a tremendous amount of material over the years a compilation album was created to showcase some of the group’s finest work from 1997–2006. Released via Nuclear Blast Records, Steel Meets Steel – Ten Years Of Glory, features 3 new songs (“The Abyss”, “Last Man Standing”, and “Restless Soul”) and remastered versions of all the other tunes. This 2 disc set has a total of 29 tracks and a “HammerFall v2.0.07” rough mix video.

Around since the early 90s, Hamburg, Germany’s Gamma Ray are one of the most prominent bands in the global heavy metal scene. With a slew of releases under their belts the boys decided to discharge their new mini album, Skeletons & Majesties in 2011. This disc is sectioned off into 3 pieces (Skeletons, Majesties, Bonus Tracks). See the track listing below for the divisions.

Heavy metal/hard rock band Queensrÿche is one of the few I know who’ve managed to retain most (4 of 5) of their original members throughout their career; which dates back to 1981. That said for their 2011 Loud & Proud label debut, Dedicated To Chaos, the group has invited Parker Lundgren and Kelly Gray to take over the vacant guitar position.

After much anticipation, rowdy shred-metal connoisseurs Blessed By A Broken Heart are nearly ready to drop ‘Feel The Power’, a pulse-raising, headbang-inducing, ’80s-influenced slab of fun, glam-tastic metal, that will hit stores a week from today – January 24th – from Tooth And Nail Records. As one last bit of excitement for fans who can’t wait to feel ‘Feel The Power’s’ power, the band is pleased to premiere the brand-new video for standout track “Forever” HERE.