Call them progressive rock, experimental metal, post-metal, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter; however, is that regardless of how one classifies the Keyport, NJ-based quintet, Seth Rheam (drums), Matt Lupo (guitar, vox), Greg Kuter (guitar, vox), Chris Alfano (bass, vox), and Ray Suhy (guitar) all came together to form some killer music, as perfectly evidenced by their October 29, 2013 10-song release, Redaction Artifacts. The album is a stunning display of both musicianship and songwriting, and fortunately for us, so as to better appreciate the album, Chris Alfano (who is also in Argonauts, and runs GearGods.com) took a moment to shed some light on his key gear and how it impacted the recording.

Guitarist Danny Lapetina recently joined the band In Alcatraz 1962 to help them support their newly released Dream EP. At a recent show I hung out with Danny and the band beside their van and decided to ask Danny a few questions about his Peavey 6506+ Amp Head that he uses for his live shows. Read on as to why this one piece of gear is so important to his sound.