hard rock


As a huge fan of the ’80’s “Big Hair” bands I’m very familiar with the work of Warrant, a band that was pretty much a staple on the scene. I loved their first release Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, but after that, for me they just never got my blood pumping; the scene was over-saturated with dime a dozen bands and their subsequent releases, even though they were hugely successful, did nothing for me.

What do you call a band that makes you stress over every word you try to write about it, because no adjective or noun adequately expresses how its music stirs you? A pretty frigging good one, that’s what. Rarely does an act come along that makes you think you should shuck any attempt at impartiality – but when it does, what’s the sense in holding back the praise?

Where else can one hear about porn stars on poles? Possibly a strip club, but that’s too costly for the general public. Instead, turn on the radio and chances are that My Darkest Days’ hit single “Porn Star Dancing” will fill your ears with pleasure, for free! My Darkest Days debut self-titled album hit stores September 21st, 2010 and made an immediate impact on the market, placing in the top 250 selling items for Barnes & Nobel.

Jonny Hetherington, lead singer of the modern rock band Art Of Dying, recently spoke to me by phone about the band’s newest effort, Vices And Virtues. This is one of those albums that I dig top to bottom. If somebody told me they had $.99 cents and wanted just one song off the disc, I’d have a hard time making the choice. This is really a rock-solid album and not a compilation of singles that will fade away into oblivion within a few weeks.

Black ‘N Blue achieved a large amount of success in the mid ‘80’s with the tune, “Hold On To 18” – they sold more than a million records and received a ton of airplay. Fast forward more than 20 years later to, Hell Yeah!, the band’s first release after an extended hiatus and a few lineup changes. This CD does not stray far from the bands roots and as one would expect it is packed with pop/rock tunes that are decent at best and just never really seem to go anywhere. To me it seems that this is a bit of a rehashing of their older material.

Corey Nietupski, vocalist and guitarist of the hard rock band Avedis, recently took a moment to chat about his band and their newest release, Red Sea. Avedis is a breath of fresh air in a rock scene that is increasingly overrun with cookie cutter, dime a dozen bands that write generic, formulaic tunes. Red Sea is a solid high-energy rock EP that is a rather enjoyable listen. Here’s what Nietupski had to say.

New Medicine is a recently formed band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The group formed as recently as 2009 and in that time have already released their debut record and received a whole lot of mainstream attention. The group’s debut disc Race You to the Bottom came out last September and features eleven songs and thirty-five minutes of pure hard rock.