The English metal trio known as Red Seas Fire are a group (comprised of Robin Adams, Pete Graves and Jake Fogarty) which are slowly but surely making a name for themselves. With simple yet potent music featuring heavy riffs and whopping melodies, the band is bringing aboard new fans one at a time. Guitarist Pete Graves recently took some time to answer our gear review questions and offer us insight into some of his most cherished gear.

Instrumental rock guitar music is one of the few things that really gets white people amped up (Citation: Chapelle Show February 2004). In today’s saturated music market, few rise to the top as masters of their craft. I found one in Canada, and he was gracious enough to share a few words about his latest album, In a Locked Room on the Moon. Please meet Nick Johnston.

“Sierra Court Blues” is the debut novel from Lawrence Parlier; a former front man for the heavy metal group The Malevolent. Parlier taps into his music background and constructs a detailed drama based around the troubles and exploits of an up-and-coming heavy metal band. The book’s main character and front man for the band Bo Kineally attempts to juggle family, work, and music with varying degrees of success and soon learns that something has to give.

I recently had the chance to speak with brothers Adrian and Tony Perry of the rock and roll band Deadboots. That last name might sound familiar… and it should because their dad, Joe Perry, is the guitarist for legendary rock band Aerosmith. Even though the Perry’s might have rock royalty in their blood, the brothers’ brand of gritty, blues-oriented rock and roll stands on its own. Here is how the conversation went with the Perry brothers.

We recently had the pleasure of to speak with UK band Charming Liars’ lead guitarist Karnig Manoukian and ask him a few questions about his instrument of choice. Karnig has likely only been improving his skills and technique with his Fender 1975 Starcaster, as Charming Liars have been on the Rockstar Uproar Festival for the past month. In between dates and after the Uproar Festival concludes, Charming Liars will be supporting the Sick Puppies on tour through the Midwest United States. Charming Liars have a new EP out titled New Disorder.