The Cripple Bastards are Italians that have been around for almost 25 years playing fast-as-fuck grindcore noise. Their new 7″ EP Senza Impronte is so fast that it goes by in a blur like the Tasmanian devil, never stopping to let you catch your breath. In a way this is cool as it’s nice to have something fast and furious every once in a while; and when you’re in the mood for speed, grindcore will always do the trick! The only problem is that unlike Napalm Death who’ve managed to keep their sound fresh in adding new instruments and elements, Cripple Bastards don’t add much to the formula. As a result this album doesn’t do much to stand out from the rest of the grindcore crowd.

“The Law” from Antigama’s upcoming Stop The Chaos MCD, has today been made available to the public. Check out the blistering song, as well as the cover art for the record and more just below. The band recorded Stop The Chaos at Warsaw’s Progresja Studio with sound engineer Pawel “Janos” Grabowski, and commissioned the mixing and mastering duties to longtime friend and prominent Polish music producer Szymon Czech (Nyia, Third Degree).

Dirk Verbeuren is one of the hardest working drummers in the metal world. Not only is he currently playing with Soilwork, Scarve, Powermad, Phaze I and Anatomy Of I, but also with his new DIY project Bent Sea. I recently got to send a wave of questions his way asking about their debut release, Noistalgia, their history, his other projects and much more.

Recently, Napalm Death’s long-time singer Barney Greenway stated that when he joined the band in 1989, he was expecting to get some good years out of the whole experience, but nothing more. Twenty three years have passed since he joined (30 since the band’s creation) and here we are: these heavyweight champions of British Grindcore/Death Metal are still together – Barney included – and producing music as vital and vibrant as three decades ago. Their newest full length, Utilitarian, only confirms that time keeps bringing interesting new flavors to the sound of this hard working band that refuses to just rest under the shadow of its past achievements.

The legendary Napalm Death just released their 14th studio album, ‘Utilitarian’, all over the world! To welcome the arrival of this grindcore masterpiece, the band is now debuting a new music video for the song “Analysis Paralysis”. This video was shot and edited by the band’s own guitarist Mitch Harris, who has his own unique underground style that perfectly captures the energy, hate, and sheer power of Napalm Death’s songs. To watch the video, head HERE.

In the late 90s Topon Das started up one of the craziest Canadian bands of all time, Fuck The Facts. He has also opened up his own studio, Apartment 2 Recordings, where he’s recorded bands such as The Great Sabatini, Deamon, Alaskan, Fuck The Facts and other killer projects. Guitarist Topon gave PureGrainAudio some time to talk about the Peavey 5150 Amp Head he lugs around for live shows, and the Garnet Pro-200 Amp Head that he uses in the studio.

What was the hottest band last year? No, it wasn’t Design The Skyline! We are talking about genuinely solid core here. As many other members of the metal press have probably informed you guys already, a virtually unknown grindcore band called Wormrot made waves in the international extreme metal scene last year for being the first Southeast Asian extreme metal act to be signed to the mighty Earache Records.

April 11, 2009 I went to a show at the Wing Shack in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. There I saw a grindcore show featuring F.A.T.O., The Unborn Dead, Heaps Of Dead and Fuck The Facts. At the show I noticed Dave Sheldon (Man With Target, Annihilator, Exes For Eyes) behind the soundboard. What I didn’t notice was that he was recording Fuck The Facts’ set for a DVD. The video never came out, but instead the band decided to release the audio on cassette. It’s a very limited run of 50 copies.