goth metal


In the autumn of 2008, Nightwish keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen introduced a movie idea to both his band members and Stobe Harju, director of “The Islander” music video. The concept was met with positive feedback and Stobe ran with the idea to create a film entitled Imaginaerum. Nighwish also decided their seventh studio album would have the same concept allowing for the two mediums to work side by side.

Before Dutch symphonic metal band After Forever disbanded on February 5th, 2009, they released their fifth and final full-length album simply entitled, After Forever. Like fans of the band and genre have come to expect, this release contains simple instrumentals and mild symphonic elements all of which are the background to Floor Jansen’s soprano vocals (which she has been known for since the age of sixteen) and Sander Gomman’s growls.

One of Australia’s finest female fronted metal acts, Divine Ascension have proven to be an awe-inspiring live act. Lead by the powerful, emotive performance of Jennifer Borg; a name to be etched alongside the likes of Anette Olzon (Nightwish), Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) and Floor Jansen (After Forever). Today an exclusive premiere of Divine Ascension’s video for their single “Answers” can be seen HERE.

To survive in the music scene you need to be original; you need to find ways to make your music be more than just a collection of songs packaged on a disc. With this said, Within Temptation has written an album which offers 12 tracks that follow the story of a comic series and three short films entitled entitled The Unforgiving. This is an amazing and exciting concept, but for now we’ll focus on the music.

Delain began as a two member project (Charlotte Wessels and Martijn Westerholt) and after a successful first album, Lucidity, which featured many guests (Liv Kristine, Sharon Den Adel, Jan Yrlund, etc.) the duo decided to take Delain to the next level, a full touring band. Following this decision Delain recruited three official members and recorded their debut album April Rain.

In the past few years or so, there has been an explosion of metal bands with female vocalists. Along with Within Temptation are Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Otep, and Arch Enemy. Last May, Within Temptation actually held their first North American tour with Lacuna Coil. From the Netherlands, the Dutch band has been holding strong since 1996, and if my math is right, then that’s 11 years. Not too bad, eh? But the band hasn’t been entirely whole those 11 years. With some sacrifices, the band is left with only three members of the original line-up. Sharon del Adel (vocals), Robert Westerholt (guitar), and Jeroen van Veen (bass). Losing some of their members, the band recruited in three spectacular musicians; Ruud Adrianus Jolie (guitar), Martijn Siedenburg (keyboards), and Stephen van Hastert (drums). Without this line-up, The Heart of Everything would not sound remotely the same as it does.