Gothic, horror, thrash, grindcore metal band Ghoul has just released their new CD, Transmission Zero, upon an unsuspecting music scene. The tracks are heavy, blood-soaked and loaded to the gills with gory references to all things macabre and taboo; nothing is sacred as far a lyrical content is concerned. This is most evident in the songs “Blood Feast” and “Off With Their Heads.”

Brooklyn Vegan has posted a bushel of new Ghoul tracks for your listening (dis)pleasure, including the debut of ‘Transmission Zero’s’ ripping corpse of a title track! The other three songs have been floating around in the ether for the past few weeks as the hooded menaces have been busily preparing to hit the road with gorefathers Gwar on the “Return Of The Maggot Tour”. The madness kicks off at Amos Southend in Charlotte, NC tonight! Feast your ears upon some bloody new Ghoul cuts HERE.