gear review


Randell Stringer’s band King Cobra are calling it quits, but they’re going out with a band, playing Barrie, ON one last time. To aid with this show, the string section are going to be using their Emperor Guitar Cabs to blow the roof of the poor venue. Read on to find out how this cab will accomplish King Cobra’s aforementioned sound goal.

Guitarist and producer Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal spoke with me recently about that one piece of gear he uses to obtain his signature sound. Ron is a very versatile musician and the list of people he’s played with reads like a veritable who’s who in the rock/metal world. As the current guitarist for Guns N’ Roses and his solo project, Bumblefoot, Ron relies on his gear to get the job done. Here’s what he had to say about his Vigier Fretless guitar.

“Diamond” Jim Greer is no stranger to the recording studio. As part of the Rondo Brothers duo, he’s been involved with over 70 records to date. He was the lead writer on Galactic’s “Heart of Steel”, sung by Irma Thomas and listed by NY Times’ as one of the “Top Ten Songs of 2010”. Other notable projects to which he has contributed include: Yoko Ono, Tipsy, Dr. Octagon, New York Dolls, and more. With this much experience it goes without saying that Jim would have certain gear to help him achieve his trademark sound.

As a seasoned and veteran audio engineer I was more than excited to try out the new Sony PiiQ (“peek”) Stereo Headphones. It was with great enthusiasm that I plugged these into my player and sat back for a listen. What I found when I hit play was quite impressive to say the least. I initially began my listening experience with some rather heavy tunes and eventually expanded my listening to other genres in order to get a more well rounded experience.