gear review


Lead guitarist Geoff Willingham of Rebel Emergency took the time to tell me about his love for his VOX AC30 and blue Celestion speakers! He was enthusiastic about the shows that he’s played with this amp, and how he’s never faced difficulties in sound. The capacity of sound that this amp holds is immense, and is worth the weight of the equipment (it’s quite heavy). Geoff expressed a strong distaste for modern models of Vox Amplifiers and says that he’s disappointed in their quality in comparison to the 1960’s model. Geoff is devoted to his amp and hopes to use it for as long as possible before it gives out!

Guitarist Danny Lapetina recently joined the band In Alcatraz 1962 to help them support their newly released Dream EP. At a recent show I hung out with Danny and the band beside their van and decided to ask Danny a few questions about his Peavey 6506+ Amp Head that he uses for his live shows. Read on as to why this one piece of gear is so important to his sound.