garage rock


Cut Them Where They Bleed, the latest “love/hate letter” from Atlanta, Georgia band Tiger! Tiger! is out now via Austin’s Chicken Ranch Records. The album, featuring cover art by renowned illustrator John Baizley, kicks off with its title cut which is also the album’s latest single. Tiger! Tiger! front woman Buffi Aguero delivers a bitter, battering wind, alternately cooing and caterwauling in a haunting harangue throughout the album. In concert, the band uncorks this bottle of emotional spirits, dumps the contents and uses the empty vessel to make a Molotov cocktail of words.

Zlam Dunk are not your average indie rock band. The creatively named group hails from Austin, Texas and they certainly aren’t your run of the mill indie band. They combine punchy guitar riffs with the crudeness of garage rock and throw in a little punk-rock energy to top it all off. The band has already had a highly successful 2010 debut full length album and they are back and hungry for more.