The definitive Primus line-up – Les Claypool, guitarist Larry LaLonde, and drummer Tim Alexander – is back together and set to release their first full-length studio set in nearly 20 years, Primus & the Chocolate Factory, due out on ATO Records on October 21. Listen to the classic track “Pure Imagination” re-imagined, just above.

NYC-based jam band Jesus On The Mainline recently announced the July 1st release of their debut, self-titled EP. Their sound is reminiscent of rock greats The Black Crowes and Janis Joplin, while simultaneously drawing influences from blues, jazz and funk classics like Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong and Quincy Jones. This fifteen-piece band fuses jazz, soul, bluegrass and rock for an improvisational music experience that is unique from show to show. That said, it’s with great pleasure that we present to you the premiere of Jesus On The Mainline’s new album – listen below!

Effective Immediately PR is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the debut self-titled EP of T.E.N. – the premiere alternative rock trio comprised of music virtuosos Thomas Pridgen (Grammy Award-winning drummer, The Mars Volta), Eric McFadden (guitar and lead vocals, George Clinton/P-Funk), and Norwood Fisher (bass and back-up vocals, Fishbone). The 4-track EP will be released on April 1st, 2013, exactly one year after the three musicians recorded the EP at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. The T.E.N. EP is a limited edition (only 1000 copies printed) and is a precursor to their upcoming full-length album to be released on 10-10 (October 10, 2013).

Comprising an eclectic mix of musicians from Dallas and NYC and playing a tasty fusion of jazz, funk, rock and more, Snarky Puppy is the next big thing to look out for. Their live performance in DC was one of the best shows I’ve ever attended, striking a perfect balance between pure musical virtuosity and raw melodic simplicity that hit home. Recently I also had the opportunity to talk with Michael League, the main man behind the group. We canvassed topics such as what goes on behind the scenes, people’s reception to their music, and generally what Snarky Puppy is all about – being a band with a purpose.

Black Swan Anatomy is a band with a message. From Barcelona, Spain, this particular group identifies with a whole new generation of young people, one that stands up against the current global tyranny. The generation that BSA most closely identifies with is the one that seeks radical change and progress regarding the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Musically speaking, the band defines itself as a mixture of various musical styles, from funk to metal, to grunge and blues and even reggae and Latin sounds.

This is the fifth full-length album from the New Zealand funk/reggae band, The Black Seeds. I have actually never listened to these guys before and had no expectations when I popped it into my player. That said what I found was a very interesting, enjoyable disc with quite a bit of variety as well. Obviously there’s a reggae vibe to the whole disc, but tunes like, “Don’t Turn Around” and “Wide Open” are so funky they feel like they were stolen right from the ’70s. Songs like “Pippy Pip” and “Crack In Our Crown” on the other hand, are so pop-oriented they could easily be played on top 40 stations around the globe.

After a three year hiatus Lenny Kravitz is back with his newest release Black and White America. As a long time staple on the rock scene, for decades Kravitz has regularly churned out hit after hit (it’s hard to believe that “Let Love Rule” is more than twenty years old now). Over the years Kravitz has topped the charts with his unique blend of pop, jazz, R&B and funk that is firmly rooted in rock and roll.

The Monks of Mellonwah are a four-piece alternative rock and indie band based in Sydney. The depth and variety of influences driving each member has led to the formation of a unique sound, blending elements of classic blues and rock in Hendrix, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Chili Peppers with more recent sounds including Muse.