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Great White is yet another band that achieved great success in the mid to late eighties and has since been trying to reclaim just a portion of that acclaim. As with most of the groups from that era that are still knocking around, Great White has gone through countless lineup changes and has seen their fair share of tragedy, though they’ve still managed to release a number of decent rock n roll albums along the way.

In Progress is the latest release from Swedish melodic hard rock outfit, Work Of Art, and there’s enough passion, energy, melody, and well-crafted arrangements packed into this disc to really satisfy fans of the genre. The disc opens with a bang and I found myself totally rocking out to “The Rain” and “Nature Of The Game”, but then things got a little sketchy for me.

This disc has been a looong time coming! The melodic UK rockers, Airrace released their debut way back in 1984 and are finally following it up with their sophomore effort a staggering 27 years later. I’m not sure many bands would be able to pull off a feat like this, but amazingly Airrace has done it! They’ve successfully released a relevant melodic, hard rock record that I think fans of the genre will totally dig.

Night Ranger doesn’t recreate the wheel on their new disc Somewhere In California, but rather stuck close to familiar territory, releasing a record that consists of great big choruses, lots of sing-along moments and a pristine production. While this record doesn’t tread new territory, it doesn’t necessarily miss the mark entirely either.