from man to dust


Following the official dissolvement of their former distributor, the ILC, The Mylene Sheath partnered with Redeye Distribution to handle retail distribution of their upcoming new releases. The Mylene Sheath will be joining a roster of labels that includes Hydra Head Records, Sargent House, Warp Records, Thrill Jockey Records and Barsuk Records, just to name a few.

‘From Man To Dust’ is an 80 minute journey through the deepest chasms of grief in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of nuclear fallout. The war inside is responsible for the war outside. Beneath Oblivion trudges onward through the 8 tracks that make up the album in an utterly ferocious manner. Crushing all preconceived notions of “devastation” as they bludgeon ahead amidst all the contempt and misery we’ve all caused one another.