At the beginning of September, Flyleaf released a brand new album featuring new singer Kristen May. Flyleaf fans had anxiously been awaiting the release of Between The Stars to hear how Flyleaf’s music was going to sound with the absence of founding member and singer, Lacey Sturm. I had a chance to sit down with bassist, Pat Seals, to discuss the new album, Kristen’s transition into Flyleaf, and pastimes while on tour.

If there are any doubts whether the new singer of Flyleaf, Kristen May, had what it took to keep Flyleaf alive, seeing them live will erase them. Kristen’s voice is so magnetic, pun intended. Flyleaf played a 10-song set, ranging from classic hits such as “I’m So Sick” and “Fully Alive,” to brand new singles including the heavy hitter “Set Me On Fire.” Later in the show, Kristen joined the middle of the crowd, interacting and high-fiving fans from the entire room. Flyleaf played at Slim’s in San Francisco, CA on November 1st.

As of this year, the hard rocking Texas-based rock/metal band Flyleaf made a drastic change. They replaced their lead singer. New vocalist Kristen May was outstanding in her first performance in NY. Playing all their popular tunes, I briefly shut my eyes during “Fire Fire” and couldn’t even tell former singer Lacey Strum was gone. Awesome show!

The Who We Are EP is the newest offering from platinum selling alternative rock band, Flyleaf. This EP marks the recording debut of new vocalist Kristen May, who back in 2012, took the reins from original singer Lacey Sturm. There is only one new track on this disc, “Something Better” featuring Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D., but it is a splendidly catchy rock tune that is sure to once again garner the band a ton of airplay and recognition.