Sometimes you just need a band like Teethmarks to come along so you can remember how nasty and grotty music can be. Feral is the work of four blokes from Toronto, Canada who you’re more likely to find passed out in a puddle of puke next to the dumpster behind their rehearsal room than you are actually in the building doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Teethmarks is a hot new Toronto-based band that offers a fresh crossover sound that combines elements of metal, punk and thrash to form their own deranged wall of awesome sounds. Or as the group puts it, they’re: “inexplicably fueled by a love of cats, Randy Quaid and ‘green room beers'” and boasts a “breed of unhinged, overdriven hardcore that indebts itself as equally to the groove-laden charms of 70s rock as it does the menacing, unchecked aggression of bands like The Bronx, Coliseum and Zeke.”