Marc Lucas Ablasou is the principle songwriter and one of two guitarists for the Montreal-based band, LAE. Combining elements of post-hardcore, punk, noise, prog, indie, metal, stoner, sludge, and so on, LAE have created a unique and appealing sound that will garner them a ton of attention from the rock/metal communities. The band’s latest effort, the 13-track affair titled Break The Clasp, was released on November 25, 2014 in a collaborative effort between The Compound and Battleground Records. Sample the music below and learn about some of the key gear which helped Ablasou to shape this recording’s sound.

Rabbits… cuddly woodland creatures or loud, ear-piercing rockers from Portland, OR? Technically both are accurate, but we only really care about the latter. This pulverising trio of metal/punk/hardcore/noise musicians released their latest offering, Untoward, on August 12, 2014. The 6-song album was tracked live to tape in Portland at Type Foundry and is balls-out loud. So as to get a better idea where these noisemakers get their sound, we spoke with vocalist and guitarist Joshua Hughes (ex-VSS, Angel Hair) about some of his gear.