In my youth I remember wearing an Eyehategod t-shirt to college to piss off the tutors. It worked. I hadn’t heard actual Eyehategod at the time but, being an impressionable teenager, I liked the name. Years later, and early on into my venture into music journalism, I found myself sat in the Camden Underworld in London, England. It’s a delightfully shitty venue which, at the time, smelled of piss, sweat and blood. I was watching a train wreck of a band called Eyehategod. It was brilliantly chaotic and, in 2014, I find myself getting the same feelings listening to their new album.

Rwake vocalist CT will premiere his documentary “Slow Southern Steel” next weekend at the Little Rock Film Festival. This will be the worldwide premiere of the film that has been three years in the making with additional screening dates to be announced soon. CT directed the film along with David Lipke and will be on hand for the film’s premiere on Saturday, June 4th at 6:50pm at the Riverdale Cinema #1 in Little Rock, AR.